Our agricultural roots run deep. It all started in Italy over a hundred years ago.


Our family has always felt a deep connection to the land — most especially through farming. It all began in Genoa, Italy where a good day’s work for our grandfather Vittorio Sangiacomo started and ended in the field. He voyaged to America in 1913 on the advice of our great grandfather and got his first job at age 17 in the vegetable fields at Bay Farm Island in Alameda County, California. Shortly thereafter he began working in the scavenger industry in San Francisco where he later successfully launched his own business.  But he longed to return to working the land and in 1927, he purchased a 52-acre fruit tree ranch in Sonoma Valley.

Today, we call that the Home Ranch.

Maria and Vittoria Sangiacomo

Maria & Vittorio Sangiacomo, 1928

Our grandfather’s next move was to settle down and start a family. In 1928 he married our grandmother Maria, a hard-working and warm-hearted woman, who had also immigrated from Genoa, Italy. Together they raised four children —- Angelo (our father), Bob, Buck and Lorraine —all of whom learned the business the hard way, working in the fields after school and each summer.

Our family struggled through the Great Depression and then slowly built the business until we became the largest pear-growing farmers in Sonoma County. But over time the market for pears began to crash. In order for us to survive as a family business we had no choice but to switch gears and jump headlong into grapegrowing. We tested the water in 1969 when we planted our first vineyard. By the late 1980s, the conversion from pear trees to grapes was complete

Sangiacomo Children
Lorraine, Buck, and Angelo Sangiacomo

Vittorio passed away in 1987 and Maria in 1995 and shortly thereafter we — Mike and Whitney Sangiacomo, Steve and Connie Sangiacomo, and Mia and Mike Pucci — joined the family business and today run the daily operations.

Mike, Mike Pucci, Buck, Angelo, and Steve Sangiacomo
Mike, Mike Pucci, Buck, Angelo, and Steve Sangiacomo

We are proud to continue our family’s farming tradition. We would not be where we are today without the knowledge and values we learned from our grandparents, parents, uncles and aunt. And we continue to plant seeds to enable future generations of our family to build upon this legacy.

View short video of 100 years of Sangiacomo Family history above (7 minutes) or click here for long version (30 minutes)

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